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How mozzarella is made by dairy farmers | Amalfi Coast

How fresh mozzarella is made by dairy farmers
Fresh Mozzarella made by dairy farmers of the Amalfi coast

How dairy farmers of the Amalfi coast make handmade mozzarella?

Like pizza, mozzarella is one of the most popular Italian food products in the world.

Even if it has many calories, we are used to eat the mozzarella produced industrially and we insert it in many recipes of home-made dishes, such as buffalo chicken mozzarella sticks, "mozzarella in carrozza", mozzarella balls, mozzarella sticks cooked with air fryer, etc.

In my career I have taken many tourists to attend the artisanal production of mozzarella, in one of the most beautiful places in Italy: the Amalfi coast.

Fior di Latte di Agerola mozzarella cheese Amalfi coast italy
"Fior di Latte" Mozzarella cheese dairy farmer of the Amalfi coast, Italy

But how do you make handmade mozzarella?

In this post I want to show you the skillful hands of a master dairy farmers at work to create a particular type of mozzarella with a unique flavor: the Fior di Latte from Agerola, exclusively made with the milk of the cows of the Lattari mountains.

👉🏽 If you are in Italy or are planning a trip to southern Italy on the Amalfi Coast you can contact me to live together this experience of exploring the trails and tasting. of the real mozzarella produced by the farmers of the territory. 

👉🏽 Information and requests to or sent to me a WhatsApp message using this link

Lattari mountains Amalfi Coast Fior di Latte Agerola Mozzarella Cheese Producer
Lattari Mountains of the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Where is the Fior di Latte produced in Italy?

The "Fior di Latte" mozzarella cheese in Italy has ancient origins, and finds the best production in the regions of central-southern Italy.

Many many scholars of the history of the Italian tradition confirm that the origins of mozzarella cheese are linked to the Campania region.

What is the best mozzarella cheese in Italy?

The best mozzarella cheese in Italy, with a unique flavor, is for me the "Fior di Latte" from Agerola village who also recognized the protected designation of origin, better known by the acronym "PDO".

how to make mozzarella cheese curd curdle
Mozzarella cheese curdle

Where is Agerola village located?

The Amalfi coast has many villages overlooking the sea but few tourists know the hinterland. Agerola is one of the villages located on the top of the Lattari Mountains.

how to make homemade mozzarella
Dairy farmer make mozzarella in the Amalfi Coast

What are the Lattari mountains?

The Lattari mountains are the mountain range of the Amalfi coast called Lattari because there is abundant milk production (latte in Italian means milk), mountains rich in trails such as the Path of the Gods, one of the paths where I like to explore by walk with my customers

I will tell you more about the Amalfi coast trails on my next post. 

how make homemade mozzarella like a farmer amalfi coast tasting
My customers in the Amalfi coast enjoy tasting
of the originals mozzarella maked by local dairy farmers 

Mozzarella Cheese Video Tutorial

If you want to know the secrets of mozzarella master cheese makers I suggest you to watch this video that I recorded during one of my customized tasting experiences enjoyed in the Amalfi coast with my customers.

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